Accelerating quantum start-ups, meet the CEO of D-Wave Systems

In just a few short years, quantum science and technology has gone from the lab to the boardroom with companies ranging from tech giants to tiny start-ups seeking to commercialize quantum devices and algorithms.

In this special Quantum Week edition of the Physics World Weekly podcast, we look at the challenges facing young companies and also hear from a firm that has been in the quantum business for over two decades.

First up are Jay Schrankler and David Awschalom who explain how the Duality start-up accelerator is nurturing new quantum science and technology businesses in the Chicago area.

Then we speak to Alan Baratz, who is president and CEO of Canada’s D-Wave Systems. He explains why his company is now focussing on providing its customers with cloud services on its quantum processors.

If you enjoy this episode, make sure to also join us for the inaugural Physics World Quantum Week. Running on 14–18 June 2021, the event showcases the latest developments in quantum science and technology. It includes a series of free-to-view webinars and a curated selection of quantum articles.

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